Uncanny Synchronicity: Disruptive Narratives

My work throughout 2013 has been primarily sculptural, installation based.  Materials I have been working with are mannequins, cast acrylic, photographic images, applied vinyl and mixed media.  Key themes in my work have been social commentary including consumer culture and gender issues, death, loss, displacement and political concerns.

The concept of synchronicity is inherent in my art practice. In my desire to create disruptive narratives I employ the devices of the abject and the uncanny, therefore creating a mode of practice that I call Uncanny Synchronicity.  Julia Kristeva’s theories are substantial and underpin my own thinking on the power of art for transformation through inter-subjective exchange.  The critical and theoretical framework for my art practice has an overarching theme of synchronicity that is mediated by means of the abject and the uncanny.  This combination of theory and philosophy inform my art, and underpin my desire, which is to create art works that contain a disruptive narrative. My motivation and hope for my work is that it will create a space for inter-subjective exchange for the spectator that ultimately is in some way transformational towards greater wholeness and vitality.

My desire and intention throughout 2014 is to add to the theoretical basis of my practice, to continue to explore ways of representing my ideas through using multiple media  (sculpture,installation, photography, paint, possibly projection or video).

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