Stories, Symbols & Surrealism

I am exploring the use of symbols and metaphor to create a new, more contemporary, iconography that communicates my interests and values in interesting ways.  I am currently looking at Surrealist tropes and the use of collage in particular to create new allegories and narratives, while working with photography and Photoshop to create small collagist compositions, and small scale models that are helping me to understand how I can create new narratives and metaphors that represent my interests, with imagery in particular.

I am interested in engaging the viewer in ways that create a inter-subjective exchange between work and audience, and wish to convey simply more complex, unfolding narratives that have resonance with profound themes and my interest in the mysteries of knowing, being and seeing.  I am also interested in creating works that work on a number of levels – as narrative but also as experience – where a number of senses are engaged in the apprehension of the work and the work can be understood and assimilated on first encounter.

My supervisors appreciate that I am very earnest and sincere in my work and study and that those qualities are important in developing an authentic voice as an artist, but also think that my intentions for the work need more development so that the work is strengthened by firstly, knowledge of how the work relates to the work of others (context); how the work signifies meaning (languages of representation); and how the work is made up of many levels of content (reception and apprehension of a meaningful representation).

Alongside this development an important learning curve for me [which could quite possibly be the most important one] over the course of this MFA degree is for me to move from a (at times) didactic standpoint to one that is more restful, poetic and lyrical.  Inviting storyteller rather than activist or soapbox preacher! 

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