Broken Cisterns

This text is of interest to me because Jeremiah was a prophet who lived in one of the most troublesome periods of Hebrew history prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 587B.C. followed by the Babylonian exile.  Like then I believe we live in disruptive and uncertain times (terrorism, earthquakes, wars, global economic crisis, environmental crisis) today.  I look for companions who have been through catastrophic disruption and survived with grace.  I want to see what they went through, how they made it and what it was like.  In my own life I have experienced very difficult times where it seemed I was drinking from cisterns that leaked leaving me empty, hungry and unfulfilled.  Contrasted with other times where I have been in a place where I experience love and grace powerfully in action, I am soaring, fully alive and life has a wonderful sense of fulfilment and abundance.

For me there is a link between the concept of the Golden calf and the broken cisterns so I am exploring how I might represent them together within my current work.  My inner hunger and thirst is connected to the things I desire, love and “worship” but often the things I have thought would give me fulfilment have left me empty, disappointed and hungry. 

“Stand in shock, heavens, at what you see!

Throw up your hands in disbelief – this can’t be!”

God’s Decree.

“My people have committed a compound sin:

they’ve walked out on me, the fountain

Of fresh flowing waters, and then dug cisterns –

cisterns that leak, cisterns that are no better than sieves. vs 12 – 13

Peterson, E.H. (2002). Jeremiah Ch 2: 12-13, The Message: The Bible in contemporary language. Colorado Springs, USA: Alive Communications.



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