History, Culture & Examples golden calf works.

I am interested in how the golden calf has been represented historically by other artists, both more recently and in ancient history.   The work of Damien Hirst contains a signifier [round disc headdress] which creates connection to the ancient Egyptian god Yah.  This link http://worldtruth.tv/worshiping-of-the-golden-calf-is-still-happening-till-this-very-day-2/ is to an article that contains some of the historical and cultural background of the story of the golden calf.




Hirst, D. (2008) Beautiful inside my head forever. [Glass, gold, gold plated stainless steel, silicone, calf and formaldehyde solution with Carrara marble plinth 3989 x 3505 x 1676 mm | 157.1 x 138 x 66 in]. Sotheby’s, London, United Kingdom.



Tiess, R.J. (2006) The burning of the golden calf [Photographic image]



Egyptian god Yah a golden calf (Apis)


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