Pond Life # 2 in the Pearce

Following the seminar I experimented with Pond Life through installing it in the Pearce Gallery. The purpose was to have a go at working in a larger space and to be able to document the work from another vantage point. I found it a useful exercise. The smaller space, with close proximity to the objects, surfaces and image facilitated a sense of intimacy with and immersion within an ‘ecosystem’. The larger space provided the ability to survey the objects and materials at a distance. This opened up the opportunity to encounter and apprehend the work as an ‘onlooker’ rather than being immersed within it.

While cleaning the large round mirror the supports collapsed, causing the mirror to fall and break into pieces. In the spirit of improvisation I decided perhaps this was a moment of synchronicity and could prove beneficial rather than a disaster. With the resulting installation, the broken mirror, rather than a mirrored surface with broken glasses on it, lent to the work a more pared back quality. The psychological quality of the work became darker.

I have gained new insights through viewing this work in the Pearce Gallery and subsequently, since viewing images of this work alongside images of the work of Tom Burr, Louise Hearman, Steve Carr (Transpiration), and paintings of Dutch Still-life painters (all grouped in my blog image upload). Recognition of how colour, surface, image and material work together to facilitate the potential for content for the viewer. I have developed a language and I understand it and I see now how the audience is able to form content for themselves within the work. This language has developed from all the work I have made and exhibited to peers and faculty over the year.

Pondlife1 Pondlife2 Pondlife3 Pondlife5 Pondlife6 Pondlife4 POndlife8 Pondlife9 Pondlife10 Pondlife7

Pond-life, 2015.

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