Autumn Seminar submission


Piggy bank (tbc), 2015 (Installation view)

Collection of sculptures

Various found objects, glitter, fluorescent light, MDF shelf


Lifesaver (tbc), 2015 (Installation view)

Sculpture (Maquette)

Plastic pool floatie, paint


Installation view

In this sculptural and photographic work I have been testing new ideas and approaches to my subject through objects and their materiality. In these works I’m paying particular attention to how an object’s meaning can shift through a change in materiality; it’s about how an object as sign is not fixed but can shift culturally and historically.  Amping up strategies of playfulness and irony, I’m trying to broaden and strengthen both the appeal and experience of the work.

The key context for the work is a strand of contemporary sculpture that is unmonumental and characterized by being built, sewn, glued or tied together. Appropriated motifs, personal fetishes and objects, found and made are all part of this world, that is do-it-yourself where style is only part of the story.

Karen Sewell, April 2015

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