Pond Life making process: Online record

Throughout the MFA process I have kept a record of both visual research and the process of making works in a large visual diary.  The diary I make available alongside my work at all the seminars.  I prefer the hands on cutting and pasting and jotting down notes and adding little drawings however and wherever I want to, that the visual diary affords me, along with the ‘thinking out loud’ that goes along with the process.  For me this method is helpful and satisfying.  This entry is to tick the box of “blog entry of process”  but for a much more detailed look at my practice process (if you are interested!) take a look at my diary which is much fuller in it’s description of process.  Perhaps in future I could photograph and post the pages of process from my diary on the blog that way I can record process the way I prefer, and also have an online record of it.

IMG_2682 IMG_2689 IMG_2693 IMG_2694 IMG_2696 IMG_2698 IMG_2701 IMG_2703 IMG_2708 IMG_2798 IMG_2800

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