A thought while reflecting yesterday…..

I was thinking yesterday about my work using cutouts towards the end of last year, in relation to my intentions and representation.    In the work untitled (one rose) there is a kind of double negative or representation of a representation of the rose in the image, a stepping back from the real times two, the cut out picture of the real is then further present as a reflection.  The same reducing or removal or stepping back occurs in The Stand In, 2014 the reflection of sponge cake lamb. I realised that this aspect in my work is functioning in recent work but now taking a different form, it is manifesting itself through the use of colour and possibly objects?.  Reducing colour to a monotone on a object or in an image creates the same effect.  The rose was a stand in, and the lamb too and I think vessels in new work (vessels relating to the still life tradition) are acting in this way also.  Interesting to me as it hasn’t happened as a result of mindfulness or conscious decision making but rather as I have followed the intuitive lead for the work.

onerose copy

Yet to be titled (onerose), 2014

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