Fritsch: Colour and unusual objects

While I have discussed Fritsch’s artwork in a previous blog entry, there are other aspects addressed in critical writing, that are of interest to me.  In particular I have been interested in how colour is functioning in Fritsch’s work as a transformative medium, one that is both signifier of emotional content as well as an identifier of another (less easily apprehended) layer of content.

Criqui discusses how Fritsch’s sculptures of living beings usually have a single hue indicating that she follows what may be called the “Pink Panther principle”: that is, her use of colour serves an identifying, even symbolic purpose without necessarily being related to the actual appearance of the representation. (Criqui, 2010, Parkett 87 pp.47-48).

Objects, or perhaps more precisely unusual or uniquely strange objects, are an important element in Fritsch’s oeuvre. They are integral, and unique identifiers of her personal artistic sensibility. In the writing of Jessica Morgan on Fritsch, she discusses Fritsch’s choice of objects in her work Warengestell, Display Stand 1979-84. The term Morgan uses for them is ‘tchotchkes’ (meaning a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket) or semi precious objet d’arts. She goes on to explain that this is confirmed by Fritsch’s selection of the artifacts, which suggest the vagaries and eclecticism of a “personalized” collection. (Morgan, 2010, Parkett 87 p.36).

Criqui, Jean-Pierre. “This Dream is About You: Katharina Fritsch and the Laws of Animal Attraction.” Parkett 87 pp 46-67.

Morgan, J. “From Out There to Down Here: Katharina Frisch, Parkett 87 pp 34-38.


Warengestell II / Display Stand II


Glass, aluminum, objects dating from 1981-2001

Height: 79 15/16 inches; 203 cm

Diameter: 47 1/4 inches; 120 cm


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