Haim Steinbach


Display #55A – North East South West, 2000 steel scaffolding; glass; objects from the homes of local residents; video monitors featuring interviews with the objects’ owners (dimensions variable)


River Elmo, 2006 Birch plywood, plastic laminate and glass box; Korean ceramic vases; plastic modular toy/plastic Halloween lantern; ceramic teapot; wax candle; paper hat 42 x 47-5/8 x 14-3/4 in. (106.8 x 121.1 x 37.5 cm)

1orient point

orient point, 2007

plastic laminated wood shelf; rubber dog chew; electronic “Hulk” hands; plastic pumpkin lamp 34 1/2 x 71 x 19 in. (87 x 180.3 x 48.3 cm)

Steinbach Bed Frames 2

a military theme, 2008 plastic laminated wooden platform; dog chews, metal bed frames 74 x 108 x 132 in. (188 x 274.3 x 335.cm

western hills_2011_2_share

western hills, 2011 Plastic laminated wood shelf; ceramic cookie jar; aluminum garbage can; wooden stacking toy 41 x 62-1/4 x 20-1/2 in. (104.1 x 158.1 x 52.1 cm)


See, 2011 Installation comprising (a) framed silkscreen print on wallpaper (b) metal studs, wallboard, wallpaper walls (c) text in matte white vinyl letters on a black rectangle Installed dimensions variable

dancer with raised right foot_2011_1

dancer with raised right foot, 2011 Wood, plastic laminate and glass box; wood stool; painted bonded bronze Degas statuette

52 x 56 x 25-5/8 in. (132.1 x 142.2 x 65.1 cm)


creature, 2011 Installation comprising (a) vinyl “Creature of the Black Lagoon” figure (b) metal, wood, wallboard beam (c) metal, wood, wallboard triangular incline (d) metal, wallboard oblique wall (e) painted metal gate valve


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