July Seminar Installation photo’s and documentation

Installationviewbest Revel,revelbest (The Reign of Narcissism) Revel, revel 2015 Shadowland(bestfrnton) (The Reign of Narcissism) Shadowland, 2015 Charlotte (The Reign of Narcissism) Charlotte, 2015 Charlotte&Revel,revelinstallshot Puppylove (The Reign of Narcissism) Puppy love, 2015 Installationview1 Installationview3 Shadowland

Animals take centre-stage in my practice, and work as both objects and images to represent something of ourselves, but also pose as stand-ins for a state that lies somewhere between interiority and otherness. Georges Bataille writes about this conjunction, “The animal opens before me a depth that attracts me and is familiar to me.  In a sense I know this depth: it is my own.”[1] For me this state of interiority is also one where the imagination and intuition of my working process play.

These ideas find form in the world through sculpture, and by my looking to philosophy, poetry, folklore or myth. I am trying to work with display and decoré as language, and as content. Light is used as an element, like space, to frame and bring emphasis and intensity to relationships between forms, figures and grounds. This staging of the sculptural in the more theatrical space of display, for me allows painterly values of colour and composition to help animate the social energy and focus of the tableau vivant.

Karen Sewell, July 2015

[1] Georges Bataille, Theory of Religion, trans. Robert Hurley, New York: Zone Books, 1989, p.22.

The Reign of Narcissism

Charlotte Sculptural Installation Found object, paint, mirror, concrete blocks and spotlights

Revel, revel Sculptural installation Found resin objects, paint, concrete blocks, acrylic panel, MDF panel, glass and synthetic fur material

Shadowland Sculptural installation Found objects, concrete blocks, polystyrene, paint, acrylic sheet, spotlights and feathers

Puppy love Sculptural installation Found resin object, paint, acrylic sheet and merino wool.

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